Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Riviera Splash Neon


Riviera Splash Neon Sign - Riviera Hotel, Las Vegas, NV


Splash starring Frank Gorshin premiered at the Riviera Hotel and Casino on June 21, 1985.
Directed by Jeff Kutash, Splash was an innovative production show centered around a 20,000 gallon aquarium and featuring numerous music and dance numbers. Billed as a variety extravaganza, Splash ran for over twenty years closing in 2006.  The above neon image is a portion of the Riviera facade as it appeared in 2006.  After the show closed this design was replaced with the Riviera logo.


  1. That is an absolutely gorgeous neon sign! I had seen that sign back when the show was still at the Riviera. I never had a chance to see the show, but I definitely believe that the sign helped draw in visitors, since the show was not world renowned.

    1. This sign was one of my favorites. The logo they replaced it with looks good, but it's very simple compared to this. I'm not sure what happened to this sign or if it it still exists.

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