Monday, September 23, 2013

Neon as Art

My objectives for writing this blog are simple.

My goal is to observe and document existing neon signage.

It is visually appealing if designed well.

Its' very essence and method of construction is really fascinating.

I want to explore all things neon, documenting signs, researching how they're made.

The prevalence of neon artifacts in our society confirms our belief that

neon is more than just a tube of gas with color.

When created properly, it can be a commercial piece and a work of art.

As I post what I find, hope you enjoy my images and comments on neon.



  1. I was just at the Neon Museum, its got some really cool signs and they also talk about the changes in technology used in sign making over time.

    1. The Neon Museum is a great place to see the remnants of neon signs from historic places that no longer exist. Viewing these signs is like going back in time. They are amazing even in their present state.

  2. Neon is actually a really cool piece of art especially the way the blow the tube out of plastic and heat it to be class. it not only art but it is a science.

    1. That's true, neon signs consist of molded glass tubes containing neon gas with a low density. The tubes are capped at each end with metal electrodes connected to high voltage transformers. The neon gas inside the tube creates an electrical charge by forming a connection between the electrodes on each end, (positive and negative). The neon atoms in contact with the charge cause their electrons to change speed, releasing photons. It is the photons that emit neon light - so the whole thing is the result of an atomic reaction with the neon.

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